Pannon Tax Audit Kft.

You need an excellent reliable tax expert and auditor:

  • to avoid spending the revenue generated on the authorities
  • to get solutions to your strategic ideas
  • to be better than your competitors because you know you can only progress with pros
  • because you need a local government and a budget auditor and tax expert
  • because you need IFRS expertise or an IFRS auditor
  • to understand German and English, or even to communicate directly with your foreign owners
  • because you’re planning big projects
  • because you’re planning on company transformation
  • because you’re planning on or conducting capital market transactions
  • because you like to work with up-to-date information
  • because you’re planning on applying or has already won an EU grant (tender)
  • because business secrets are the most important and you find confidentiality necessary
  • because your current auditor and your tax expert is not working at your pace

You need a forensic accountant:

  • to be well-founded in the event of a lawsuit
  • to know your chances in case of a lawsuit
  • to feel and be certain
  • to calculate your lost profits
  • to have someone who is familiar with securities transactions
  • to have someone with experiences in the field of loans
  • because your company is about to be liquidated and aim to prevent economic crimes from happening

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