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In our opinion, if it is true that “Today not the large enterprises defeat the small ones, but the quick one will defeat the slow ones” then it is also true that beyond this, the reliable and professional enterprises are the most successful.

From these, we recommend you those we know as being so.

Castrum Sec Kft.
Construction and operation of low current systems
Anor-Ker Kft. Dr. Padló
Sandvik Magyarország Kft.
Tools, industrial solutions
Speidel Hungária Kft.
Tuider Ákos
Computer professional, IT specialist
Gravitáció Kft.
Building material, mechanical engineering
Dr. Szabó Zsolt
Attorney (English, German, Hungarian)
Ford Strauss Autószalon Kft.
Car dealership and service station
ADA Hungária Kft.
Furniture manufacturer
Dr. Lőrincz László
Attorney (German, Hungarian)
Dr. Berényi Tamás
Attorney (English, German, Hungarian)
Welog Transport Kft.
Freight organization and delivery (Transport organization)
Régióhő Kft.
Vasakarat 2001 Kft.
Turkey breeding
Viehandel Koller Kft.
Cattle breeding and trade